Seasons Greetings, or something to write home about

“When the time of the year for celebration has past, well, we knew it long would not last” Gun Roswell

Seasons Greetings, or something to write home about

Elves, candles, green pine trees and lights
Gifts, food, people and all things nice
When the holiday season lasted for three days
No one really wanted to leave, but only in to stay
But this seasonal celebration was only a rental
Because we cannot really time stall
Since time here on this wondrous occasion ended too soon
Then sadly packing up is all that is left to do
All those things we received as presents
Waving our good byes before away sent
But do not worry, do not feel sorry
There is always a new one rising
Just look out there in the horizon
Another seasonal party just awaiting
So cheer up, and say: To all Seasons Greetings!