A Break after Christmas

“A beer with some cookies, certainly a well deserved snack after X-mas” Gun Roswell

A Break after Christmas

When the holiday season is celebrated and done
It is the time for the Christmas labourers to have some fun
A well deserved break with family and friends
Before the big bearded boss them back to work sends
Some beer, burritos and a few cookies to enjoy
Makes forget the hard daily chores and shout ahoy
Seated in the North Pole’s one and only cafe-bar
Since there is really no time to go too far
Soon the bell beckons them all back to the ever going assembly line
Because next years stuff needs to be started in time
So don’t blame these busy bees of getting a tad drunk
It’s just to get out of this seasonal funk
And soon enough with a big fat smile on their faces
They will be working all over them places
Putting together all things on people’s lists
Yes, those are the elves, who’ll manufacture all your gifts