It’s cold outside

“It’s freezing weather, ice the only tether for my poor bike” Gun Roswell

It’s cold outside

When the weather outside is cold and frightening
And you start to wish for thunder and lightning
That one perfect summer’s storm to make it’s way
In to this white and blue ice hole we now in stay

Even the poor bike is frozen solid to the ground
I was so lucky, to even have it found
Under all the pounds of heavy piles of snow
So now, all I need, is a big shovel to plow

But after some heavy lifting outside
I finally got out my one and only ride
And ventured to the streets paved with white
Which was an adventure, but not without a smile

The winter may be harsh, unforgiving and cold
But once you get inside, with something very warm
Looking out the window, the view filled with so much charm
This scenery is worth, more than a pile of gold