Light after the polar night

“There is always light at the end of the polar night” Gun Roswell

Light after the polar night

When, the total darkness descends
You’ll only thought, that there is no end
To the utter sad and soggy surrounding greyness
And, what ever happens during this time, you simply exist
The living reduced to much of a zombie like state
The cheerfulness gone, remaining only hate
For the light is completely gone
The sun and the moon, somewhere long
The cold weather a constant companion
But, there is no struggle left, as you learn to live with it
Calling it, pathetic, or a trait of the Nordic
Then, a flicker of hope, as a ray through it all pokes
The light, none too bright, but still, illiciting, a big smile
For a moment it stays, but leaving something in its wake
Maybe, there is light at the end of a long polar night, after all