Grey in monochrome

“The feeling of totally calming greys, when the world seems too colorful, that is monochromatic!” Gun Roswell

Grey in monochrome

When the world seems to bright
The senses overwhelming with light
Colorful vistas everywhere where you look
Wishing to dangle off of this stimulating hook

Escaping into the architectural indoors
May turn out to be an even bigger chore
The internal and bright decors
From the highest ceilings to the lowest floors

Then a thought by some sort of surprise occurs
Maybe, these colours would somewhat less hurt
If toning them down in to the very basic of things
Yes, that really could work and cause a spin

Around for some hundred and eighty degrees
Turning down the volume of all the things seen
To a nice and soothing less freaking up scale
As the monochromatic then lifts up its gorgeous vail

Ah, this is so much better with lesser pain
As schemes with only certain elements tickles the brain
Colours are always nice and dandy
But sometimes the fewer shades, fading to greys, are more handy