Working by the seashore

“It’s just another regular working day, here, by the cold, seashore” Gun Roswell

Working by the seashore

When the day breaks in the early morning
And the sunshine breaks with a big yawning
The working day is about to start
So, please, try to play it very smart

The waters seem so very cold
And the weather is even getting more bold
The sun hiding behind all them clouds
And the wind is howling ever more loud

The boats beneath us soon are shaking
As the unexpected storm from the seas is breaking
Being alright at this point is only faking
As the faces turn greener and the bodies quaking

But the working day is far from over
The attitudes like the weather getting bolder
Rolling up the sleeves
To all this heavy-duty work to complete

Minds off the shaking surface
Since this is no time for hurling
And when the attitudes are corrected
Sooner than later, the work is completed

Homeward bound the working crew now is
Even the boss said she was pleased
Back to the comfort of home they head
Because tomorrow another working day awaits