Take a Hike, or to the Moon

“When the working day is done, better have some fun, take a slow hike to the woods, or run amok trying to reach the moon” Gun Roswell

Take a Hike, or to the Moon

Take as slow hike up the winding path
Upon start, having no idea how long it lasts
Just enjoy the upon coming adventure
No matter where or when you venture

You may end up in a different place
Somewhere, where no one for long stays
But hurrying back is not an option at all
So move along, don’t try to stall

Maybe you’ll find a long lost treasure
Or just the atmosphere, for the leisure
Maybe you’ll end up to the moon
And get to swing on the stars as they loom

But once you get the urge to get back home
Just click on your heels, and think of Rome
Because every single road leads to the city
And getting lost, well, that is just a pity!