Two of the Same equals Duo

“There is two of us, who look so much a like, almost, like we are a duo of some kind” Gun Roswell

Two of the Same equals Duo

If we look so much alike
And most of the same things we do like
Having the same taste in food, drink or clothing
Even the same tunes we do sing
Then aren’t we a pair?
A sort of a duo when we share?
A couple of the same
Not original as one but who’s to blame
If the two of us make a whole
Since we are form the same mold
We, are always together
No matter the time of weather
Twins, but of a different mother
Because we get each other
Nothing separates or divides
And only together, do we feel fine
We do the two step
Never alone the other let
Singing, dancing, sometimes prancing
Even if we are nothing to fancy
Just the two of us
On the roadside, or in the bus
Riding a tandem bike
And even if we sometimes fight
The invisible tether
Will always pull us together
So, all you singles and groups of threes, move over:
Just because, one plus one does equals a duo