Happy Face!

“For today, I am wearing my happy face” Gun Roswell

Happy Face!

Today, is a good day
Today, I am in a good mood
Today, is not like yesterday
Today, I am wearing
My happy face

Today, I try so hard
Today, I am being smart
Today, I am carefree
Today, gladness only I feel
With my happy face

Today, I am not complaining
Today, I contemplating
Today, life is a solemn joy
Today, I will only try with
Me and my happy face

Today, I won’t say no
Today, I will take things slow
Today, I am the best I can
Today, and tomorrow, I will try to
Keep on, my happy face

Today, I made promises
Today, I will keep them
Today, I will change
Today, I am myself
And form now on
I will keep on, my happy face