Driving Off to the Sunset (or somewhere)

“The cool kids, in their rides, all around down town, they fly” Gun Roswell


Driving Off to the Sunset (or somewhere)

On this, totally futuristic moped
We are travelling, nowhere fast
The license, may already have been revoked
But we, are still having a complete blast

You can:

Mock us
Call us
Old folk
Elephant skins
What ever
You want


We, still rule
We, just need
A little more fuel


We still are very much so
Going, going, going,
And, gone!



Hard Times 

“We’re horribly mundane, aggressively mundane individuals. We’re the ninjas of the mundane, you might say” Andy Partridge


Hard Times 

“Hard Times!”
The wall boldly stated

“Living on dimes!”
Sighing totally frustrated

Could this be, the sign of the times?

Only bland tasting cheap wines
Walking silently, the thin line
Avoiding, all them landmines
Solemnly remembering,
The good old times

But as long as everything rhymes
I think, I will be feeling, just fine

Sunnyside and the bench to sit on

“When on the sunny side, sit on a bench, and enjoy the warming rays” Gun Roswell

Sunnyside and the bench to sit on

When seated, on the sunny side of the bench

There is really no option, of getting drenched

Enjoying, the really long, and totally warming rays

In one these unworried and completely lazy days

Before the kind and gentle of days are done

Soaking it all in, under, the healing sun

With closed lid eyes, this one halted moment is spent

And then slowly turning into an image, which into my mind forever, is burnt

Saturday, spent with Cats

“Cats are the best kind of pets, always” Gun Roswell

Saturday, spent with Cats

When the world outside
Gets to be too much of a stride
There is one thing on you can rely
The cats of the furry kind

They don’t really ask too much
Once in a while a simple touch
The food to be delivered to their cups
And later on to coddle as such

A day well spent indoors
Even if you ignored much of them chores
For other wise life would be a total bore
If it wasn’t for the cats you so much adore

Never, without my Coffee!

“Come into the dark side, we have, lots of different coffee”

Never, without my Coffee!

I freely, and out of guilt, admit it
I am, totally, and utterly, addicted
To the one finest organic suspension 
One of the human existences’ greatest inventions


If gets me up, in the too early morning
So read this, as a forewarning
To save yourself, from any kind of scorning
Do not, ever, get between me, and forever, my 


If you want your own day
To be completely inventive and stay
On top of the whole wide world
Life, ever so delightfully twirled


So do, take my advice
Don’t ever, think twice
Pour yourself, a big cup of java
It totally beats the hell out of guava


Your fellow human kind
Never, ever looked so fine
The world completely filled with love
If everyone, joined me, in a cup of


What else can I say?