The Secret Island Getaway

“The secret cottage on an island, yes, my land, definitely (in my dreams at least!)” Gun Roswell

The Secret Island Getaway

When the world gets to much
And you are filled with such and such
You want to get away from it all
To a place hidden and very small
It may not look much
Alas, it was intended as such
A truly hidden place
Where time almost still stays
A getaway for only one
That is, maybe for some fun
There could be another added
But just for now at least
That place exist myself to please
And brains are left at the door
As soon as I stepped inside
And my foot falls on the floor
This is the secret of secrets
And there are never any regrets
Of coming here
Even if it is so very near
The hidden place in the shadows glum
Where only me and myself dare to slum
And if the sun would choose to shine
That is also very fine
This place of hidden is not defined
By weather, mood, even smiles