Wandering around in Tallinn

“I thought this place was more old school, but it’s actually quite modern, at least in someways” Gun Roswell

Wandering around in Tallinn 

Narrow alleyways
And painted windows
The old town is full of
Perfect hideaways

A church from the past
Should be quite the blast
It was built to last
It may be run down
But hey, this is the old town!

Driving a Lada car
Will probably not get you very far
But most likely
To the nearest bar
Where you are always, the star!

Helsinki Sea view Panorama

If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness and fears” Cesare Pavese


Helsinki Sea view Panorama

The city, with a view of a wide panorama
The display, fully, filled with so much drama
Well, at least, in the words of this poetry to write
Just look at it! Then there will be no argument or fight!

At the Market Square in the city centre of Helsinki

“Helsinki isn’t all that bad. It’s a very nice city, and it’s cold really only in wintertime” Linus Torvalds

At the Market Square in the city centre of Helsinki

The non stop hustle and bustle
The eternal use of the rustle
All them waiting customers
Lurking about, during this, summer
The well known Market Square
The biggest one yet I do swear
On this side, of the town
Some say even, the jewel of the crown
Bursting with all kinds of life
Peacefully, without any kind of strife
Roaming all of them stands
Even if you are not a great fan
But still, you may enjoy the ambiance
So come on down, and do, take a chance

Monochrome Monday

“So, we meet again! My dearest, not! Monday! Why can’t you be gone already?” Gun Roswell

Monochrome Monday

It’s really electric
Even with only a few colours
You can smell the odours
Of the world of greys
Where all the light
And even shadows stay

Is the world often seen
But even the plain shades
From white to all the greys
The nuances are there
You just need to stare
And up they pop, in your face

I am getting quite ecstatic
The dance of light
And the bass of shadow
Never me fail
Just letting it all go
The bright colours
Do not bother me anymore


“These times, make me so tired” Gun Roswell


It’s so hard to get up
I try to resist the huff and puff
Looking out the window, wishing I wasn’t here
Rather someplace nice, over there

Even on this silent Sunday
I know this is not my day
For I am feeling sick and tired
Not creative or even inspired

The same ol same ol awaits
Doing all the things I love to hate
The only cheer for me the pictures
From a happier time far in the past

I know deep inside this feeling won’t luckily last
But dwelling on it for a moment I gasp
And then after a few passing hours
I get up, and once again, somehow, feel within, the lost power

And, yeah baby, I’m back again
As the cliche strikes and then I smile
It’s been a long while
But for now, that’ll do just fine

Striped Feline

“Cats are the best, soft and fluffy and… completely ignoring you!” Gun Roswell

Striped Feline

Striped feline
Or a soft purring ball
How easy to unwind
Soon to a sleep fall
By those wide eyes
The limber steps
Command respect
You can never own them
Just borrow for a while
But rest assured, the little gems
Will leave you in big smiles

Crete, revisited – Gone a Fishing

“Travelling can be such fun, unless it’s not” Gun Roswell

Gone a Fishing

When the sign says, “Gone fishing”
That means all the bells and whistles that usually ring
Have completely silenced for the afternoon
And the boat is way, way out there in the lagoon

Don’t try to call me on my mobile phone
Do not tempt me with a sweet or a scone
I am completely out of it all for a while
And no matter who says what, I’m doing it in style

Fishing, fishing, ain’t catching a damn thing
But I am singing, grinning and clinging
Onto a hope, for catching a big fish to sell
Or at least, the tallest of tales to everyone to tell

Crete, revisited – Water life

Travelling can be such fun, unless it’s not” Gun Roswell

Water life

After twenty-five years, it was time to set foot on the island of Crete. Yes, years do fly by so fast, it’s better not to start counting backwards, rather use the safe term “a few years ago”. It was interesting to see, what had changed and what had not. Of course, this wasn’t a whole island trip, rather a one week fun packed package holiday in the midst of the working year. But still, there is no law saying, it can’t be enjoyable. But moving on, the island was lush green, as it was spring time and not too many tourists yet, since it was off season.

So, what is the number one thing to do when in Greece? Go to the beach, of course! What else did you think? Well, a beach, pool, spa, any kind of water source really you can find, and believe you me, there are plenty to choose from. All clear, blues and turquoise shades, some with waves and others more calmer soothing places.

Take your pick on the activities, be that sightseeing while hiking up and down the hills. Go fishing and catch a tall tale (at least). Or simply relax and bathe under the sun (better stay under the parasol if you are from the North like me!).

Crete, revisited – Sights a Seeing

“Travelling can be such fun, unless it’s not” Gun Roswell

Sights a Seeing

Hiking up and down the hills
Always on the look out, for that special thrill
Sometimes, I find what I seek
But other times, it’s just a curious peek

Wonders of nature are the best
But do not the locals underestimate
Many a great details to be found
If you lift up your eyes from the ground

Architecture, tales and history,
May be the most interesting story
But also focus on the scenery
You may come across a mystery

Crete, revisited – In the Sun a Bathing

Travelling can be such fun, unless it’s not” Gun Roswell

In the Sun a Bathing

To the sunny beach it’s time to go
Because today we’ll take things slow
Laying down, reading and resting
Maybe later, the cool waves testing

Take a dip in the blue ocean
Or read a good book, in slow motion
Later when hungry, try a buffet
Eat some seafood, you can’t get enough of it

Remember to lotion, with SPF of high
Or in the late evening, you’ll be in denial
Red as a lobster may seem like fun
But soon your skin will come undone