Blue Moped Ride

“Take a ride on the wild side, with a blue moped, then add on a huge smile” Gun Roswell

Blue Moped Ride

A slow ride on the minimalistic size blue motorbike
Turned out to be surprisingly the most interesting hike
Hardly fitting my big fat lazy derrière on its seat
But got on it with effort anyway, as I would never admit defeat

My knees, totally bent, almost to the very hilt
I am sitting here, on this, very very,,, well, world’s most smallest of seats
With the wind and all them flies (who knows what else) in my face
Yes, truly this is, a most memorable stage

Riding along the slow and narrow streets at noon
Certainly, to the onlookers, I am way too funny, much like a buffoon
Cannot say I am very much enjoying the scenery
As the most of my concentration is used to keep the tiny bike steady

But like all good (or bad) experiences, which do not last long, my ride has ended
And I am really so glad, that all this time to have wasted
At least, in learning a lesson of sizes and even gravity
And some people should just stay on the other side of sanity 

(Myself included ;P)