Motorbike and the pouring Rain

“There is nothing to riding in the rain, even if barefoot, just hit that pedal and don’t worry about the stains” Gun Roswell

Motorbike and the pouring Rain

When it rains, it may also pour
Your mind and mentality, soon enough, dropping to the floor
All them puddles, are there for you, just waiting
So, why the hell, should you be hesitating?

Just jump on that good old and solid moped
Get yourself out there, even if you might be soaking
Ride, ride, ride, wild like the kid you once were
Through the soaking rainy puddles, without any care

But soon enough, the fun could come to a complete and utter halt
If an unexpected flash of light, will give you a jolt
But then you might simply take the advantage
Of that free kind of power charging

And then, just keep on riding in the rain
Even, if you might feel just a little bit of pain
It’s just the asphalt, that keeps you grounded under your soles
Because, just this once, you dared to bare your soul