Crete, revisited twenty years later – intro

“When travelling, travel with a smile” Gun Roswell

Crete, revisited twenty years later

Taking a nostalgic trip, to re-visit forgotten places
Which mind and memory, long since have replaced
With images stored, in an album, never browsed
Despite all the effort, made promises and vows

So now, here I am, sailing across the seven seas
Letting my mind at ease, for carrying all the keys
Unlocking, and bringing forth, all those memories
Names, places, even faces, coming out of stasis

As the ship the designated harbour reaches
Looking forward to those sandy beaches
Clear waters, sea otters, dolphins and other creatures
As they all on the postcards were featured

When the captain let out a shout: “Land ahoy!”
I knew, this was not a dream nor a decoy
I had finally landed, as per trip advisory had planned it
Starting my trip, quite nostalgic