Travel Time (virtually so)

“When the working days get to be too much, it is time for some travel, well, at least virtual travel” Gun Roswell

Travel Time (virtually so)

The old snap shots of the days spent in the sun
When time stalled and we all had so much fun
The memories might be bigger and much brighter
Than the actual time spent days poolside none the wiser
Of things yet to follow in our near future

Where not only the body but also the mind, needed a few sutures
Despite the four walls us having confined
Deep down in the minds, travelling far behind this daily grind
Taking the moments to lift the torments
And dwelling in those fun times where all was till fine
Might seem frivolous to some, but pardon the pun
There so much the imagination can do
If you only believe and then choose yourself in the memory to loose
And to set aside all the bad feelings in this times and try to find
That this type of travel the virtual kind, can be almost as much fun
As the real thing, almost, as it is only there, in your own mind

Candlelight and Dinner

“There really is nothing more fabulous on a Mundane Monday, than a nicely set dinner, with some mood giving candlelight” Gun Roswell

Candlelight and Dinner 

Even, if it may not be that special of a day, which comes at the end of the week, a Sunday
Still, dinner, in quite good company, great food and add to that , some candles shining the light
It can be most certainly, the very completely unexpected highlight
Of this odd day, which is, today, a very plain and totally mundane, Monday

Travel Log: Greece – Rhodes Island 5

Greeks that are really drunk aren’t “wasted”…they are “pie” (πἰτα)

The Sunset

Time to calm down and watch the sunset beyond the horizon.

The sun is finally setting
It is the time of forgetting
Settling in for the night
No time for fright or flight
Gently lulling to sleep
Into the thoughts deep
Before waking to a new day
Ready for come what ever may