Cat with a coat ruffled

“The cats in the harbour are waiting, for the fish to arrive” Gun Roswell 

Cat with a coat ruffled

The cat on the sidewalk sat
It was looking quite wet
Maybe after taken a do dive on the deep side
Most likely of trying the fishies to find
It’s coat now totally ruffled and out of place 
Clearly, out of washing it up after the watery way
Making it dripping and totally in disarray 
Now it was just a matter of letting it lay
In the warming sunshine and soon it would fine
The cat once again ready, for another deep dive
After all, how else would the treats fall

“From the skies?”The cat asked with eyes open wide 
“Do you think me a fool? 
I know quite well, the only fish that ever from the skies fell
Was something made up in a fairytale.”

And the with a huff and a puff the cat continued
It’s coat to sort out to be ready for another interlude 
With the water wet, for its fishies to get