Farmer in the making?

“A farmers life for me? I dunno, maybe there’s too much of a city gal in me, to out there, flee?” Gun Roswell 

Farmer in the making?

When once again visiting, the far away but ever so beautiful countryside 
Getting a full and then again, small glimpse, of the great and open wide
Then, there can be only one answer to the how and what, and that, is a great big smile

Then, out of nowhere, a really odd and out of place thought occurs, just like a flash of light
Thinking, thinking, thinking hard, but no, this cannot be right
But, after so much grinding, in my silly old brain I am suddenly finding 
The answer, which me has forever eluded and suddenly clear after all this time

Could it be? Could this be? Could it be, for little ol’ me?
Maybe, just maybe, for me, myself and I, a farmer’s life?