Acropolis revisited, part 1

“To travel to far away lands, even if only in memories, now at hand, is better than the everyday grind, but even in those places, there are little things you can find, to keep away the daily grind” Gun Roswell

Acropolis revisited, part 1

When walking up, the many, many steps, which seem to last forever
Especially in this heat of season in Greece, I suspect, that one equals eleven
But despite the long and somewhat rickety and rocky way up
I know, at the top, there will be a reward as big and might as a duck

As the steps finally, finally end, and, yeah, there is oh so much sweat to spend
It is all quite fine, because some of us (laughs out loud), can turn any kind of water, into wine
So, now, the first thing, you need to absolutely do, is to go check out the gorgeous view
Because even with the preserved old photographic image, nothing beats the live experience

And, please, trust me, when I tell you, that this is all way perfect!
The history and these, well, modern times colliding, in this place always inspiring
And, if you don’t believe me, then maybe, you just make sure to get out here
Yeah, I know, when the time is right, right? Then, run to book a flight!

> To Greece, to Athens, and head up to, the always lovely Acropolis!