Acropolis revisited, part 2

“To travel to new lands, strange places, to review the current life over there, but also the history, which sometimes turns out to be more interesting” Gun Roswell

Acropolis revisited, part 2

The faces from the distant past
Preserved for the present, in plaster to last
The historical figures, such as gods and goddesses
Even some of the more regular folks no less
Were all, immortalized in clay
Their strong posture and pretty faces, to forever stay
For the prosperity to, well, stop by and stare
But hey, this is our history revealed
And if you think about it, indeed
I would not mind getting my own simple face
In concrete, stone or whatever strong to stay
As gorgeous, or pretty, or whatever, as it can, anyway
Because this mug isn’t so great to start with
Still, if it was to happen, goddess forbid
I definitely, and most certainly, would not resist
But that is for the future onlookers to decide
Whether this, well, somewhat uggo face with a crooked smile
Is worth for to write about in all the history books
As to, what really was the common looks
Of this so called two-thousand of a century
As nothing else here, I can see, is too fancy
No alluring wizards or other types, maybe sea hags and such
Definitely no mountains filled with deities in lust
Just some random tech we maybe invented on the run
Some stupid  television shows of comedies just for the fun
Anyway, so I guess the message of this little ditty really was
That, hey, history, go see it, it’s a total must!