Acropolis revisited, part 3

“Travel the world, experience the drama, the horror, the comedy, of real life and then, go to a theatre to see it played out by actors, to get the full picture of the interpretation of life” Gun Roswell

Acropolis revisited, part 3

The old amphitheatre of yesteryear once filled with thousands
Now sits there torn down, a few scattered rocks they call ruins
Once the great actors of their time pranced across the stage
Now only the echos of the voices in there remain
But, you can always use your own imagination
Take a seat by the circular construct without hesitation
And let it run wild and far, until you can see all those stars
Of the times from the very past will arrive with a fancy jive
Thespians doing their shows, dressed up in fancy robes
Reading, sining, talking, maybe even dancing
Soon enough you will be caught in a scene quite fancy
And when the play finally ends, it has been time, so well spent
The daylight now almost gone, as you have sat on the stones
But the events of the history will never be forgotten
As long as we remember and cherish the times both good and rotten