Acropolis revisited, part 4

“As approaching the ancient ruins of yesteryear, there is really no fear, simply step inside and let it all enter, your very mind” Gun Roswell

Acropolis revisited, part 4

The pillars still standing tall, reaching towards the skies
Reaching towards those once settling inside the walls
The walls now hollowed by the elements of nature 
Nature, who does not care of the past, present or the future 
The future, which hopefully will be welcoming our history 
Our history now being written alongside the ancient ones
The ancient ones whom built the monuments on which we now
We now stand inside and admire, silently wishing to be part of
Part of it all, as the new ones in the future visit our ruins made
Ruins made out of the dwellings we used to stay in
Stay in our precious homes we too did build 
Build to last, alas most likely not as long as the ones here
Here on the top of the mountain talk, the mighty pillars 
The mighty pillars from a long ago stand so tall
Tall, and forever remaining here, now and to the future
The future without us, they will see without us