Acropolis revisited, part 5

“Contrasting against the ever blue skies, as, the remaining tall structures against the backdrop fly, then, now and forever, they will never die” Gun Roswell 

Acropolis revisited, part 5

The skies above our heads, are always so blue
The ground below, soft and of a sandy hue
The rocks of the ruins, which are the building blocks
Now mostly scattered, as about and everywhere they flock
But some of the structures, still remain
Stranding forever tall, reining, on their designated domain 
Even the powerful and all mighty time itself, cannot tear down the one
Which this small of a humankind once had so proudly done
Sure, now, the buildings are all mostly in ruins 
But that does not matter, as the best winnings 
Against time and nature itself, are still very much present
And history, our made history, has once again won without reset