Flowers and berries, oh my!

“So many pretty things pop up during the summer season, the nature is unbelievably gorgeous all around!” Gun Roswell

Flowers and berries, oh my!

The pretty white flowers in the corners of the yards
You can walk alongside and get so very far
The endless fields of the flora of the season
What could be a far better reason
Than to venture outdoors and spend a day
In the great outdoors with a worry or care

The berries soon will be popping up 
The garden filled with all kinds in a huff
Just make sure to collect them all 
Before the arrival of the colliding fall
Then you have a supply for the winter long
To eat, bake and then you’ll grow strong!

But even without them fine berries
Just remember, the summer will be ending
Make sure you get out there once in a while
Before sitting inside leaves you in a puddle of bile
The most important thing about the season
Is to enjoy it freely without care or a reason