Stormy weather at midnight

“The storm is the most gorgeous thing you’ll ever see, with the lighting striking across the skies, that is, if you are able to stay safely indoors in a warm house!” Gun Roswell

Stormy weather at midnight

A few minutes past midnight
I got quite the unexpected fright
When suddenly, a flash of bright light
Struck across the now darkened skies

There was no sound to be heard
For long moments the air just seems undisturbed
Then, the loud rumbling shook the earth
As lighting struck each and every nerve

The pouring rain soon followed
Pounding the ground until it was almost hollow
The dog walkers of late tried to follow
The trails now gone, only running on shallow

The weather from the calm and easy 
Had soon turned to something sleazy
What seemed like a nice change of pace 
Had become a totally unpleasant else

For several hours the storm in each corner howled
Like something out of a scary movie it pummelled
The trees  to each direction in the hurricane level winds were pulled
As nature had released it’s forces upon us all in full

After watching the display through the window safe
I had dosed off to a restless sleep in short waves
But as morning light cracked against my eyes
The nature was calm again, without any signs of strife