An ordinary day with an ordinary morning, maybe?

“It was supposed to be a regular day at the office, but when I arrived in the early morning hours, something totally odd had happened, and this is the story of that” Gun Roswell

An ordinary day with an ordinary morning, maybe?

When the alarm clock chimed, I slowly stirred and then, started to whine
It was way too dark and way too early, to get up and about, even with a try
But alas, this poor lass, could not start the complaint process just yet
Since it was, so early and the time, to get up from the comfortable bed

On the way out, there was a shout, just behind me, as I had once again, completely forgot
To take my pre-prepared lunch with me, for you see, I too, sometimes, do have to eat
Then without further ado, I punched the pedal to the metal to hurry myself to the streets
Because today, I had to get in early, like the worm and the birdy, you know that tales plot!

The day still beginning, and I really did not feel like singing, so just listening in
To the radio and the same old tunes, playing each day, when I was on my way
Little though, had I prepped for what awaited me on the log, when trying to find my parking spot
The scene in front of me unfolding, quite the visual spectacle, or so I am telling

Nothing short out of a breath, I suddenly halted on my very taken step
Glaring, gazing, totally amazing and in complete awe, of what it was that I saw
What ever the object up there hovering above in the still dark skies
Could be anything from a flying object to the obviously sun’s shine

What ever it was, is for the viewer of the image or the listener of this tale to decide
Because me, myself, and I am still staring at the very image with my mouth open wide
What ever happened there, in the early morning hours in that very parking lot
Well, it was what it was, and the rest, well, that is a tall tale to be told with a varied plot!