The cat in the middle of the street

“The cat sat, in the middle of the road, staring, watching, keeping an eye on her domain, smart!” Gun Roswell

The cat in the middle of the street

The grey coloured cat, look at that
Staring us mere Hoomans, right in the eyes

“What on earth”, I huffed, “can she be up to?” 
“Is she, the much talked about spy?”

The cat did not budge, not one inch, that runt
We tried to pass, twice, from left and then from the right
But nothing, no not one thing, made this cat twinge
So the only option now, would be reasoning? Meow?

“Hey there, little kitty cat, would you think we could possible pass?”
I frustrated then asked

The cat just stared at me, as if asking, where the heck is my fee
And as if understand the thinking, of this freakish feline, I replied

“Oh, of course, you want a reward, because you know
Keeping this street safe from all kind of beings awkward.”

Stating that was like stating the obvious, which I have a knack for
So before I realised what I was doing, I was headed towards the nearest store
Searching for the best thing, which I could make the guard kitty sing
I immediately spotted the cans of tuna, sitting in the stands 
(Really? Did the shopkeeper and the cat have a secret deal?)

Happily after buying in bulk, back into the street I stalked
Seeing the cat there, watching, knowing, heck, most likely humming
How much of a sucker the poor Hoomans be
But hey, that is just fine for me, as the cats are doing a great job indeed

“Hey kitty,” I cooed slightly 

With an open can of fishy smelling treat
I hoped and preyed this food would do the thing
And as I saw the grey coated cat saunter towards me
Carefully and slowly, finally stopping at my feet
The signal there was pretty clear:

“Ye shall pass, now that I have my catch!” 
As if the cat would have said would it actually talk

So, now, watching the cat starting to eat
I quickly made my way across the very street
I had been granted access by one simple and tiny act
To give a thanks and a reward where it was totally apt