The seat on the sunny side of the yard

“The sunshine too special to miss, sitting on the side of it, what a bliss” Gun Roswell

The seat on the sunny side of the yard

After a long period, of just sitting, inside

The walls surrounding only, a place none too wide

Phobias, ever growing, of all shapes and sizes

The constant companion in this great, divide

But, a hope, every now and then

The opportunity some time to spend

In the soothing and gorgeous nature exploring

Appears, without so much as a second warning

Packing up a small bag of all the necessities

Because I am planning on a long day, stress free

As this day, will be one in a long while, as one of the rarities

Due to what eve is now going around the world you see

As I finally, take my first step, outside

To be able to venture into the somewhat open wide

I feel some stain on my very own face start

But, ignoring it for a moment to settle the light

And as I look beyond the front porch of my house to part

I know now, what the strange feeling was

Feeling the sides of my face and suddenly find

That totally unexpected, great big smile