Scenic from dawn till dusk

“The traveller never gets sick of looking at the vistas of foreign lands, I definitely don’t and looking back at all the pictures taken, I revisit all those places“ Gun Roswell

Scenic from dawn till dusk

The days of sunny and warm
Spent around the old ruins just after dawn
Much to see and plenty to do
Especially as the day is getting hotter after noon

But for the enthusiastic traveller 
There is really nothing to complain rather
Enjoying the new vistas and the history
Of this place with plenty of stories

And, if you are planning to stay awake
Until the late of the event filled day 
Make sure to make your way to the beach
Or basically any open area seat

As the spectacle of the evening 
Is at that time about to begin
The sun setting over the open waters
There is really nothing to compare!

So keep on travelling, to strange new places
If only in your mind or in a virtual space
There is nothing more eye opening 
When out of your comfort zone staying

Under the burning sun

“It’s so hot and bright, it’s way too sunny, and I am not waring my shades!” Gun Roswell

Under the burning sun

The burning sensations on the pale skin
Some say, that being here, like this, is a sin
Stripped down to the very basics 
A layer of thin cloth strapped around the slick
Oiled up body now splayed for all to see
On this sandy and none too secluded sea

Yes, it is again that time of the year
When finally able to shed all that fear
Of wearing nothing but a skimpy outfit
Even if on a far away private beach
But the shame of it all has been stalled
As the sun beckons under its power to fall

No matter, if someone wants to run an tatter
A tale of the odd ones out there, under the sphere
Of the golden and oh so bright light
Laying there, all days on end, their times spent
In dull motionless moments, without moving 
The angry mockers their constant torment

But they do not care, of the long stares
Because this is the time for nothing
The nothing of the very moment spent
Under the lazy sun, without talking
Without thinking, simply laying, eating
Drinking, the troubles away, because hey!
It’s that time of the year!

Surviving Monday

“Oh Monday, you are so totally cruel and always come uninvited into my life, what can i do to keep you at bay?“ Gun Roswell

Surviving Monday

The Monday morning had once again arrived
I know it because I can totally smell its pride
Raising the ugly head I now know far to well
And then, there is that, totally fowl smell

You to tempt me to kick your non too rounded arse
As this day, always turns into some odd kind of farce
But if I did not already have this headache
From merely thinking about you to arrive and me break

You always make me numb, avoid of all the fun
Lashing out to me, with something or another
As if this beginning of the week would not already be a struggle
The weekend gone and Friday nowhere in sight, bummer!

But, there is one thing, that could help me pull through
That one single and totally lovely and tasting full brew
The darkest of liquids and the greatest of sustenance 
Ever devised by mankind, which has no pretence

It’s simply, well, just great
So go ahead, take a break
For this cup of stuff is no fake
Go, enjoy, your coffee, now!

Sunday Blue

“Sunday was supposed to be the fun day, but it turned out to be a slump day, meaning I was slouching in my chair all day” Gun Roswell 

Sunday Blue

The day started just like any other day, with the alarm going off, much to my own dismay 
As even the sun was still asleep, and only stars to be seen, so, in bed still, had I intended certainly to be
It was definitely way too early, for anything else but feeling surly, even if my stomach of hunger was churning 
So what was I to do, except maybe, the weather gods to sue, for not giving me the needed light, for my day to guide
The only glimpse in this otherwise dull day, after checking the calendar, was that it was Sunday
So there really was no hurry, not even one slight worry, I needed somewhere to scurry, real quick, in a state of blurry

But, as I was awake, then getting up the only option, and venturing into the kitchen to make some concoction 
To start this seemingly already doomed end of the week, certainly, there was nothing for this day to seek, than maybe some time to sleep
Alas, this had not been the case, as I was now, somewhat fully awake, so from no on, I would just have to fake
To have a good time and enjoying my so called day off leisurely fun, but then there was the pun
As I was far too tired and annoyed to think of anything nice to do, so what happened next?
You guessed it! I was totally and fully engulfed, in the all consuming Sunday Blue!

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Cat on the table top

“The cat on the table top sat, just because it was there and totally flat” Gun Roswell

Cat on the table top

The lager grey striped cat
On the small table top sat
Not because it was bored
Or thought, it was a chore
To stay there like a pretty 
Statue of a kind of a ditty
But just because it could
Even though, it may not should
But that wasn’t really a question
Because this cat did not do suggestions
It had a mind of its very own
From the day borne until grown
Knowing well its own position
It then made the ultimate decision
Stay there on that very table
Each and ever day for a variable
Amount of time of chosen
By itself and not of those
Whom had taken care of him
Ever since a little kitten thin
But being the king or the cat of the castle
Well, that was not a question to answer
Only the mere truth uttered
By the keeper of him so enamoured

Keep in sitting on the table top
Cat of grey colours on the dot
And you will become the ultimate pop
Star of this castle and the written word!

From sunrise until sunset, I keep watching the sky

“Sunrise, painted all the fiery colours, across the visible horizon. As I watched and clearly could smell, the odours, of the burning skies“ Gun Roswell

From sunrise until sunset, I keep watching the sky

The darkest of nights, was slowly, but surely, loosing, the ongoing fight
Against the all high and mighty rising sun, already set on conquering the skies
Alas this battle, was never, ever fought, with conventional swords or knives
But still, constantly present, eternally really, and certainly, a never ending plight

It wasn’t a bad thing though, for those of us, stuck here on the planets below
The ever changing skies, where half of the time it was dark and half of it was light
Helped us on the low, to plan our boring daily lives, divided, by amount of work and sleep 
And maybe, to add there a slight slice, of something a little bit of fun, in between

So each and ever single day, the sun, the moon, the stars, in the skies kept on their play
For us mere mortals down here, to enjoy the spectacle each and every day over the skies on display
And if we are to be lucky, the sun light will never fade away completely
Just for the night time, when all of us need some time for sleeping

Monumental on an Island so Blue

“The island in the middle of nowhere, turned out to have so much more to give, than just a deserted beach side view“ Gun Roswell

Monumental on an Island so Blue

The small airplane, slowly landed, onto a narrow strip
As of this day, it is the start, of this one, and special trip
It was not expected, nor was it, really ever planned
But soon enough, the expedition will start, of this unknown land

A tiny island of a thing, was that a wish or a plea?
What on earth, could there really be, to see?
Jungle with buzzing insects, a small hut and no running water?
That were the best guesses, for this, well eternal explorer

Still, the hopes were up in the air
When entering on the promised fare
As this was some much deserved time off
From the daily huff and puff

But what then turned out to be
Anything and everything dull and bleak
Was an expedition, of profound proportions
Something not soon to be forgetting

The island, was anything but lacking
The options multiple with all amounts of trekking
Views and vistas filling the eyes and mind
There really was no other place like this kind

Monuments, art and history, and not forgetting the rest of it
Architecture, animals and people, never anything simple
Colour and nature, lush would be the most apt description
All of it so plentiful, the cameras memory filling as did mine

What was supposedly a dull few days of relaxation
Turned out to be so much more, on this little island
Where the time on strong and fast wings flew
On this, totally monumental even in the colour, of true blue

Day and Night

“The old song, day and night, comes to mind, when I look at the captures from my holiday past, yeah, that one too, did not long last, but alas, maybe next time, it will be much longer” Gun Roswell

Day and Night

Days thankfully long and filled with so much sunshine
That lazy me, can be splayed across the subbed ever so fine
The clouds above practically none existent and quite fluffy too
As there is nothing else to see above there except skies of blue
Well, maybe just another airplane landing bringing more of us
Whom are finally allowed to take a vacation on this same spot
Where the days meet the night, without any kind of fight
Where nothing is done except leisure just for the sake of pleasure
The long days, and short nights, spent, lazily under the sun
Or those with courage, hauling their asses to the beach
Where all kinds of waterspouts is just in a short reach
Describing this time out of the every day grind as everything fun
Hell yeah, day or night, it just is so unexpected but totally right
When there is little or nothing else to do around the poolside
Except spend it on yourself and those you care for in life

Nurture by Nature

“Ain’t nothing wrong in eating some berries from the trees, now filled with nutritions, without fees, with greetings from Mother Nature, cheers!“ Gun Roswell

Nurture by Nature

Sometimes, it is good to let someone else, provide
For the all the nurture needed these days, just to get by
It may come in a form of something totally unexpected
From a place even, long since forgotten and neglected
But a glance outside from the window, is taking a turn slow

As the totally jungle like backspace of a yard, seemingly. sits still
Summer time long since forgotten, but memories there lingering
Of the green, live and lush now turned to burnt like bush
Alas one good thing turned out from this, sort of a messy mush

As finally daring out there, to the !great unknown”, to venture
Hoping this would not turn into some kind of disappearance adventure
Then what do these tired old eyes so gladly spy
But tress filled with berries, the whole yard, gone positively wild

Green, blue, red, all one needs to do is pick them up and get fed
The tastes varying from sour to sweet, soon enough, digging in deep
One basket after another getting filled, to the very hilt
Running out spaces, as so full are all the before empty places 
With gifts of plenty, as with courtesy, provided by Mother Nature