Rain in Autumn

“The darkness, the rain, it’s pretty much the same, whether night or day, it is after all, Autumn and Fall“ Gun Roswell

Rain in Autumn

Nothing like the rain, on a very dark and cold day
The street lights, the only shining guide, on the way
Alas, I cannot inside, the warm home, for long stay
So, the only option, is to trot out and the weather slay

Running across the puddles, trying not too much to huddle
But the coldness still seeps through, even if I am full proof
With all the modern gear; with a coat, boots and a hat to wear
But then again, I don’t intend, out here too much time to spend

As I huff and puff my way quickly to the comfort of another house
And try not to think about how much of an total louse
The great and wide outdoors is, during this time of the year
I go back in my mind, to a much kinder time, with much cheer

Reality hits, in a form of a splash against my hips
A car passing by, must have thought never mind
As it hurried across the street, without much of a deep
Understanding of pedestrian code, rather going on strong

So, dripping wet, I hurry to the awaiting door
And I really wish, getting from A to B, wasn’t such a chore
But it is that time of the season, the circle never ending
Where sometimes, you need to wallow and end up spending

Time with the weather so completely and totally frustrating
Almost, almost, starting the fall, completely hating
Just to give that sense of summer and it appreciating
Deciding, that best bet is, simply staying inside, and it waiting
Is most likely, the best option I could ever, be making

Stormy Weather

“The forecast, predicted, heavy rain fall, after the night fall, in the dark, only dogs bark. Yeah? Not in this weather!“ Gun Roswell

Stormy Weather

Storm and rain, will leave a totally sordid stain
But trying to sleep and dream, and the to blame
The weather, because you just woke up
From a nightmarish really bad feeling kind of stuff
But it does not matter, one way or the other
Because when you look outside the bedroom window
There it is, still out there, howling, that blasted storm
Alas, you cannot control the weather, and no matter
How many forecasts or predictions you try to follow
Then, trying to catch some zees while the overall outside
Is such a messy breach, of thunder, rain and winds

Then here is what I will suggest for you to do:
Put on a pair of earplugs or noise cancelling headphones
Then, you can sleep through the night, like the dead does
And to develop a great relationship with the weather?
Well, just pick up a camera, a phone or similar and snap away
Some really nice pictures, for the memory, yes, those are great
And admire the nature of creating such a pleasant scenery

Shopping for Shoes Cats part 1

“There is always the need, for a new pair of shoes, even if the closet is full“ Gun Roswell

Shopping for Shoes Cats part 1

“Madam, really wanted new shoes,
So she sent me out to scout, win or lose,
But, what is, a poor kitty to do?
I know absolutely nothing, of them tools
I’m just a poor cat, without any kind of those
Things, on my own furry and neatly trimmed toes”

The confused cat, on the corner of the shopping street sat
As it had been sent out, by her mistress no less, in a doubt
Now, as what to look for, as his poor paws, never needed
Any kind of footwear, at least, not since the one specific incident
On the season of Christmas, when his mistress, had smiled and
Some knitted clothing on his person without warning to try

“Shoes, shoes, shoes…
I have not got any kind of clues,
Maybe these, flip flop types, here I see
No socks needed, although, during winter
They aren’t exactly that heated
Alright, next shop, on my way!”

It really might take all of the day, for this cat, now looking for a prey
But not for mice or anything nice, not at least for him, even with trying
To find the perfectly fitting footwear, for the mistress, he did care
Because all those rewards given to him, from the keeper who did sing
The praise of this furry feline, and always, always was to him so kind
So, getting the most fitting pair, was going to be the reward for her

“I am going to get those shiny sandals I saw,
Just around the corner, in that one footwear selling store,
I think they will fit her nicely, with that gold dress spicy,
Then she will give me so many kisses and hugs,
And then I will sleep in front of the fire on the rug,
After eating all the fish, she has for me made as a dish!”

So, the cat on the prowl, went inside the store with a howl
Meow, he stated and pointed at the one pair nicely painted
The shopkeeper packing them up, and accepting the payment without a huff
On his way, the cat did so, with a bag and and a nice sway
Surprising his mistress, with a great pair of shoes no less
And as per suspected, he was rewarded with all the things without stress

Black Friday

“There is a blackness, we experience, more often than others do, up here, in the far away North, and it is called, Black Friday, but, it is running through October to March” Gun Roswell

Black Friday

The days are long and almost completely dark, mostly, without any kind of wild spark
Of light to be seen, so why do someone, even bother, to call it, a day, just a remark!
And much to everyones dismay, as this time of the year, seems to, be lasting forever
Or at least, for several months on end, during the fall and winter, trying to be clever?
But these roughened dwellers, tend to fight back, as the only option is to totally snap
Out of ones mind and loose all them precious marbles, them rolling all over the floors
So, put a warm coat on, and get out that door, because today, might be, a black Friday
But then, we all, carry our torches, to the great outside, just to bring forth, some light
And this is, how the cold hearted Northerners, the eternal weather gods, do, back fight!

Giving Thanks, I guess of sorts

“Guess there is a lot, to give thanks for, when you really think about it” Gun Roswell

Giving Thanks, I guess of sorts

I am thankful, for at least, my very own kind of life
The living quarters, those too, are, well, quite nice
And then there is, the family, they’re, kinda alright
Minor aches and pains, can be mostly, ignored
Then there is other stuff too, like eating them s’mores
And guess the work, even if it makes me so bored
My all time favourite series, yes, those are back
Oh, toilet paper too, yeah well, we have them stacked
Brain cells small and grey, even if some of them I lack
Otherwise, none too many complaints, or as I just said
Can’t remember much more, but hey, doing chores
Then giving thanks, for anything and everything and all
So, a very happy day and I guess this thanksgiving thing too
And hey, try not to feel too sad and blue, in case you
Have none too many things, to be really grateful for

Summer’s garden gone, but not forgotten

“The fresh smells of summer, still clearly in my mind, even if I can only, live them through, in the memories of my files” Gun Roswell

Summer’s garden gone, but not forgotten

The pictures, so totally vivid, and the colours equally lively
It would have been impossible, to even take that guess, wildly
Whether this was the real life, or just, a few simple memories

But, the garden will be, from now on sleeping for a while
Still, there just might be, something there, surprisingly, alive
Beneath all that soil, the dirty thing, protecting, that evidence

Even if it seems so completely discarded and dull like grey
There, on the ground, lying, some half dead, and left over hay
It won’t be long though, after the winter, a new time strong

The flowers, the grass, the berries, the birds and even, the bees
Will be wildly blooming and all over humming, the green and full fields
So, in a blink of an eye, the picture perfect setting, has come along

Them voices (in my very own head)

“Those voices, in my head, are plotting, once again, and I’m about to find out what it is, soon enough” Gun Roswell

Them voices (in my very own head)

All the loud sounds and constant chatter, in my poor mind, do clatter
The small world inside of my head, a unique ecosystem, and instead
Of letting me sit her in quiet esteem, seem to be letting, it all free
And having a ball, on this day I was supposed to have a very short
Break of it all, alas, they, living inside, do, beg to differ in the decision I made
And now they are all singing and shouting and all the bad jokes sprouting
A full on cacophony, I say out loud, to those, close by, who cannot be swayed
Of the inner voices, inside of my very own scrambled brain, and, it’s always, the same
An outside argument and an internal turmoil, leaving me, to completely and utterly boil
Why oh why, did I think, today of all days, would be any different, so to my friends
Up there having, such a ball: shut up, so I can have an entitled and a very small
Pause, a breather, a nap even, anything at all to stall, but not an argument with either
Those out here and you all, inside there, as I just want some time of total QUIET!
For a little while at least, while I am lying here, trying, to relax, in my own, stratosphere

But the it all goes so quiet, even those outside are looking at me without smiling
And I know something is going on, for this is never good, the silence after all
Because then, I don’t really hear, what they ALL, are most certainly against me plotting
And I know one thing, it’s never, ever good, to be, in total silence, and thinking
So, please, I beg of you all, make some noice, anything at all, for I, am getting bored

Autumn window view rant

“Mundane Monday, with a view, well, something fun for the day at least to look out for” Gun Roswell

Autumn window view rant

This weeks Mundane Monday, really, started early
But then again, I could not have been less surely
As it seemed, that all the lights had been switched off
Both inside and out, no matter what the clock
Then, I recalled, that it was indeed, that time of the year
When the sun has run away, most likely in fear
Of the upon coming, of the never waited winter season
Well, it seems to be, at least, the best guessed reason
As the darkening of all the above skies, there, hover
For the next few months, and there really is no bother
To consider what the time states on the clock
As it will be twilight, even if you had sunshine managed to stock
So, just hold on to what ever light you can get your hands on
As the utter fight for that ultimate and shining light
Has begun, amongst the Northern tribes, and it’s certainly not fun
As the struggle is real and the people are moving like stunned
Alas the electrical devices, mimicking the daylight shining
Are grabbed and bought, in a state of total whining
Never mind, when you get back home and find
That the lamp you thought, would bring you to shine
Turns out to be either less efficient or worse of all, broken
So, your only hope is to either go back and hope there is one more
Or then, just go back to bed and stay indoors

Until such time of the year, when you look out and leer
Because it’s spring and the sun is switched on again!