Another cup of coffee, please

“There is always room, for one more cup, of coffee, no matter how full the tummy or what the hour of the day. Coffee.” Gun Roswell

Another cup of coffee, please

In the early morning hours, even before, the scheduled shover
Coffee, needed, in a large cup at that on the dot, and steaming hot

At lunch time, when feeling tired after a meal large, and not doing too fine
Coffee, please, double at that, only black, because I need to stay, alert stat

The afternoon, when the so called real coffee break is set, so fine
Alas, do not that let, to be a distraction of getting Coffee, any time

Pr-evning, the time between noon and evening, hauling my tired ass home
Ain’t nothin else, getting me off of this mess of a state, than, Coffee, a noun

Past dinner time, the relaxed set up, with family and friends to spend
A heavy duty plate of a meal consumed, and on the brew, you guessed it: Coffee!

Later, getting closer to night time, the tv babbling in corner, I am napping
But still, I would like to stay awake, for that movies sake, what else, but Coffee helps

Come night, and I should be sleeping relaxed and sound, getting unwound
Alas, I am wide awake, alert, nothing fake, and one thing comes to mind: Coffee
Yes, she’s got me hooked good, and hey, I know I really shouldn’t, but one cup won’t hurt?
So, one more cup of, Coffee!