Gone fishing or sailing, that is the question, right?

“Nothing like the cool and calming seas, in the early morning breeze“ Gun Roswell

Gone fishing or sailing, that is the question, right?

When that special kind of occasion sometimes happens to rise
Which makes you totally want to jump up and down, holler and add a big smile
You know what is going to happen once you hop on the bus
Taking you out there, where, there is never, any kind of rush
Where the open air and the calming of the blue seas, forever meet
Just an open road ahead, without any kind of lanes on the streets
The harbour soon visible, and all kinds of vessels are totally feasible
To take a tour around the small side of the world, into it hurled
With a small boat of fishing gear filled up to the hilt, no, it won’t tilt
Or a large luxury type of thing, with sails and all that jazz kinda prim
But what ever you choose, know that with that choice you will never lose
As the most important thing of this day, is to relax and just sway
In unison to those lulling and calming waves, in an uplifting way
So, take a hike, out there, in the open where, no one will stare
At the outfit, you simply overlooked, for this gig, was just that big
Gone fishing, gone sailing, it’s all just in your own kind of mindset
And if you have a spare day to spend, then maybe either sail to the worlds end
Or then, make a small fishing trip out there today, and for a big haul prey
Then the next day, you can take a load off, at that grand type of a yacht
What ever the game plan, don’t just on the pier there aimlessly stand!
But haul your butt to the nearest boat, and make yourself a good day out!