A farmers life for me?

“There is nothing like life on a farm, expect maybe, a life on a paradise island” Gun Roswell

A farmers life for me?

The skies, are totally clear and blue, and the harvest ready, for a very good use
The big ass tractor, waiting, in the yard, ready, willing and able, for me to take charge
Hopping on it cheerfully, as I am, always and now dutifully, all the fine fruitful crops
Going to pick up, as, with my trusted steed, I will ride, into the wide, open field
Making my own way, and of course, the hay slay, as I am that one farmer chick
Who will this hard and often said, manly job lick, with a flick, of my very own wrist
I don’t care, if other people there, just stand and oddly stare, while I am proudly riding
My tractor quite big, doing my chores in a eyes wink, and then all of them charming
With my outgoing and smiling personality, as I am turning out, to be quite the celebrity
Of this small and secluded village, where mostly farmers earn their living off of the land
And, now, so do I, as I am getting high, of this life, of being a farmer, so very nice