Some kind of sunset

“The sun is setting and I am letting, my hair hang down, after all, time too, will stall “ Gun Roswell

Some kind of sunset

It’s not very often, one really gets, to the state of that simple awe
But today, that totally happened, simply, from what I out there, saw
The countryside, the fields, the very open wide, of the high skies
All covered in rays of various blues, oranges, purples, reds and yellows
Making you want to stop and stare and shout out, really loud a “hello!”
This unexpected and odd effect, especially, during the time, of the year
When all is dark and there is nothing there, except maybe, the fear
That the sun will never, ever again turn up, and light our darkened way
But today, it was a special kind of a treat, where the feeling of defeat
And against all the odds and the grey and dull, was lifted for a moment
As if the nature, wanted, us, the dwellers of earth, get out of torment
Then, with a show so spectacular, painted the colours, across the sky
Before retreating, once again, and leaving us, the earth and all, behind