In the middle of the night

“I like to watch the outside world through my window” Gun Roswell

In the middle of the night

As I sat on the window sill, waiting, and quite still
In my usual spot, which I mostly these days, tend to fill
The hour way past midnight, could be, of a fright
But hey, for me this time, always feels, quite alright
As no one and nothing, out there, ever stirs
As during the day, it all just looks like a big blur
Not this moment though, as not a friend nor a foe
Dares to go, outside and in to the cold frozen snow
And only me, myself and I, dare to look out there
As the flakes at first kind of slowly, all over fell
But before I had a chance of thought, on all of it dwell
The storm soon enough began, its might to expand
The power so magnificent, leaving no branch unbent
And I felt exhilarated and totally alive the more I spent
My time there, in my very spot, watching, learning
As the world outside with cold white, was burning