Frozen, solid, and preserved over the winter

“Think of it, as some sort of cryogenic freezing, and that it will wake up, in Spring” Gun Roswell

Frozen, solid, and preserved over the winter

The process so untechnical, involving only the elements natural, the freezing process quite solid in use by nature. And now, the just recently fully blooming plant, was frozen solid where it stands.It is almost as if being preserved for the more warmer, gentler season, hopefully soon, on the rising.

The crystallised form, standing solid and strong even now, glittering in the light of the wintry sun with a strong glow. But be careful, don’t get too close and not to touch it, as it might break, and that would a huge mistake. So, be gentle, and only admire from a far, like the above shinning stars, as that which nature has put in a suspended state, will only come to life again, for those who care to wait.

The cat in the basket

“Better not to keep all your cars in one basket” Gun Roswell

The cat in the basket

Put the tiny cat in a small basket and that
Would be fun way to go out to the market
The fish being the only and ultimate target
As the small cat, does not care about new hats
But she likes to eat, and the real kings of treat
Would definitely be a stew made up so neat
Filled only with the good kind of meats
The fishy kind of you know what I mean
So hurry the heck up and do not puff too much
The market place usually closes at eight
Do better not be late or there will be hell to pay
And that is not the way to slay your way
To the tiny kittens heart so be ver smart
And go git and buy that precious gift already!

The snowy tracks to follow

“It’s all covered now, the paths to which ever way, nothing to do now, except to slap on a pair of skis to get moving” Gun Roswell

The snowy tracks to follow

A surprise of a winter, put quite the proverbial splinter on our sides, as all the roads disappeared quickly over night. Now, every which way you look, piles and piles of snow each and every place overtook just in a matter of hours, with all the heavy snowy showers. But even if the regular transports, such as cars, bikes, buses and even trains, would be out of order, leaving the weary traveller in disdain. Well, do I have a perfect solution for you, call it, somewhat, old school.

What is it then, that would let you fly across a snowy mountain? Downhill way, is certainly the best escape, from a regular two or four wheeled ride, when you speed ahead with a smile. Or maybe, the exercising lately, has been neglected somewhat, but with this solution, all those so called problems, will be gone by the end of the day. So, here is the deal: slap on a pair of two wooden planks and strap them into your boots, then add two sticks to gain the forward momentum needed and stability to maintain. Yes, they are also known as skis, so, simple right?

Ride, ride, ride a horse buggy in the fresh snow

“Snowy and freezing roads ahead, but the buggy, certainly, is a warming bed“ Gun Roswell

Ride, ride, ride a horse buggy in the fresh snow

It may not have been a special occasion at all, at least, not since the days had grown shorter after Fall, but there was just something so great, about a day after, a heavy snow fall. The idea of spending some time out there in nature without care, maybe even, a picnic of a different kind, as just thinking about it, got wide smiles. Packing up the basket, especially the hot beverage. Mittens, shoes and hats, and thick coat at that, then ready and able to hitch that magical ride, outside in the open wide. But also cold, so don’t forget to bundle up and sip some of that old magical warming elixir of life (coffee).

It was a freezing day after all, so remaining warm, was the key, but not so much so, to limit the vision to see. All the snow covered fields and trees, nothing but miles and miles of white to be seen. Certainly, a must on the list, was that one side trip, to the not so open sea, as this time of year it was all invisible and chill. Maybe spot an island or too, and then take a slide on the ice out of the blue. Then again, spotting all that white, yes you guessed it, the colour of the season, of the one simple reason, snow! Might just have been about the coolest thing you ever saw. Or then again, not. But what ever the feeling for winter is, this one thing, at least, you have to try out, because as the buggy moves, you will shout!

Tales of the moon 3 Perspective of the moon

“But it looks so small, hanging by itself, up there, in the stratosphere” Gun Roswell

Tales of the moon 3  Perspective of the moon

When looking through the lens, at the night skies mighty and high, something seems quite off or even bent. As the large and wide image, gives the impression that the moon is a small white ball hanging there in the line of scrimmage, like someone had played a game and left it there, hanging without a reference of frame. But as you gaze upon it with your naked eyes, a great and rather big surprise will be revealed, as the moon’s rise, gives the impression of a quite large size planetary object neither hollow nor empty. Changing colour from white to blue to even red, and that, is quite the topic for those who worship this giver of light in the middle of the night. Whether you are a casual watcher of a fanatic worshiper, it is all a matter of perspective, and really has no matter as long as you enjoy what you are seeing and, in the moment being.

Tales of the moon 2

“I keep on watching the moon, until it or then I, turn into a blue hue” Gun Roswell

Tales of the moon 2

Behind the curtain of the highest of skies, it stealthy lurks, but only, during the middle of the night. As if it was much too shy, or even, trying to hide. It’s a benevolent being though, as it will try its low burning light to show, in the total darkness of the night, for those of us, in plight.

It is almost as if it is trying to lead the good fight, against those powers out there, trying to do harm. The protector of us lower beings, it could be easily as such be seen. Then again, mere fantasy at play, as if any planetary object, could evil slay. But whatever the belief, there is still such a relief, when the moon peeks through the clouds at night, saving us from fright.

Tales of the moon 1

“Rhyming tales of the moon is what I do” Gun Roswell

Tales of the moon 1

Long ago, the ancestors glared at the moon, worshiping it, during its full bloom. The object in the night skies, could never tell them lies, and so, it became their god. This went on, until several eons were gone, before the dawn, of the modern times were swiftly applied. And technology tried to explain away, the mystery and fame, after that, the moon simply became, easy prey.

Now, the mighty nightly deity, is a mere object planetary, as the humankind, it did conquer in a time, where the space races of these lowly earthlings, were just beginning. Soon enough learning the mysterious ball of light, was a simple rock up in the skies. Nothing to be worshipped or even desired, just a dusty ole’ place, none too fine. But something important was left behind, those venturing out there in the high skies.

As the theories started, that this object of a moon, was really a vessel for the sky people. Those who might have visited, this planet so blue, to the moon adjacent. And that maybe the inside of it was hollow and something great was about to follow. That’s when the following once again started, as eyes and even telescopes up towards it darted. Giving this piece of a rock, once again a place in the cultural pop.

Snowy Branches

“Snow fell, upon a branch for a spell, until such time, when it’s warm again” Gun Roswell

Snowy Branches

Fresh snow fell, on the branches of the trees in the forest. But there was no one to see that, so was it then really real or not? Maybe there was snow there, maybe not, but the scenery, imaginary or perhaps, someone manage to snap that much coveted picture even. Even if it was all just fake, then that is fine, as in my very own mind, I am enjoying the cold wintry scene, from a forest, filled with trees, covered, in snow, freshly poured down snow, thinking of taking a stroll there, and enjoy my time in the fresh cold weather, until it’s time to change to something else completely.

Cats a sleeping

“Two cats sleeping, three cats sleeping, even more cats sleeping, yes, I do seem to collect them and now, they are filling, the house!” Gun Roswell

Cats a sleeping

Two of them, were snoring, one was gently purring, as the three cats, were neatly piled together, for a great and relaxing nap. As the room was quiet and no one was disturbing them, not even, the noise mice, so taking some time off, from the hunt, was certainly, quite nice. It had been a long day, after all, for the three of them, always on the prowl, sometimes acting cool and quiet, sometimes protesting with loud meows. But for now, it was the end of a long working night, and so, the cats could take their rest, until such time, when the dinner bell dinged and the food was served, but before that, there could be some time to play to be reserved, because these kitties, no matter no longer young, sure liked to play with their toys and have lots of fun. Still, that was not yet the plan, as the napping continued, over the rug close to the fireplace, for a few more hours, all else be damned!

Snow on the water!

“Not smoke or fire, but pure snow, on the water!“ Gun Roswell

Snow on the water!

It looked like a field of sorts, with an island in the middle of it all. It could have been used for crops or even potatoes, which were already harvested, before the snow fall. But, it wasn’t that, no, this, used to be an open sea, with boats coming and going, and someone even did, some waterskiing here. But now, that snow, had covered it all, even if the fall time, had seemed so warm. Then, one night, it all froze over, in an instant almost, and as the flakes well, day after day after day, soon enough, nothing but the white stuff, could be seen for miles on end. But not all was lost, after all, you could still go out there on the ice and walk. Or, if you were daring enough, maybe put some skates on and do a little pirouette. After all, this was the season, of winter, and usually, snow would fall and the water would freeze during below zero temperatures. And this was, the lure, of a scenic wintry moment by the seaside with snow on the water.