Sleeping on the job for Caturday

“There is nothing more invigorating than taking a nice long nap at work” Gun Roswell

Sleeping on the job for Caturday

The shop had been quite busy most of the day, then again, it wasn’t unexpected as it was Saturday, after all, the best selling day of the week. Usually those shoppers at work during the rest of the week, liked to spend their one day of free, looking for that perfect bargain, even if it meant hopping from one establishment to the other. Simply to find that one special treasure of a thing, even if there was no need or even use other than money spend. It was an odd trait of these dwellers of this place, but hey, when in Rome, was the motto, for these bipeds hauling their heavy shopping bags until they started to pant. And even after then, having a moment to exhale, the same rounds continued all day long.

But, it was already late in the afternoon, and the owner cat of the one establishment, had had his share of the hurried atmosphere. After al, it wasn’t easy to keep an eye on them all, as it was the one single job he needed to do, making sure, all was up to par, pulling out the charms, while his keeper did the bidding for the customers. I was amazing how much money they buyers were willing to spend, when this furry feline went purring them to greet. It wasn’t such a big feat for him, as he was a natural crowd pleaser and rarely, did he fail in his particular task, as most hoomans loved him to pat and rub. And when their moods got all better, all the shiny things in the shop turned to desirable treasures, presented to others as treats unmeasured.

So, just another busy Saturday, thought the feline of this establishment. Then, finding a quiet corner, before laying down, for a nap much deserved after patrolling these, stuff filled grounds.