A seat on the shady side of the sun

“A seat on the shady side, after an exploratory day in the fun filled sun, is a nice find” Gun Roswell

A seat on the shady side of the sun

The weary traveler still pushes on, even if the day has been far too warm and way too long
Gotta go, gotta see, gotta feel, gotta do and that one final monument or explore the long lost mystery
But then at the brink of total exhaustion, when on the very last nerve the traveler is trying to hold on
In desperate need, of any kind of chair, bench or seat, one small respite to see, and at least for a minute to take a seat
Alas there are so many other seekers running on their empty feelers and so, the so far denied desperate measures
Finally kick in and with the last ounce of strength, running that final stretch to that one vacant bench
And luckily, it was on the shady side, of a solemn kind of a lonely street, just the place no one had yet seen
Except now, me, as I reach before yielding to total defeat, of the ever present heat all around, but a respite nevertheless I have found
So, it’s ok for a while, taking deep breaths while settling to the calm and now, it will be a long while before I will move again