Take a ride on the yellow bike 

“I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my yellow bike anywhere I like” Gun Roswell 

Take a ride on the yellow bike 

The day starting strong and nothing can go wrong, especially as soon as I have my ride set. So, trotting down to the nearest bus stop by the railway station for said asset to get. As I had already decided, this was a day riding and nothing from it was me stopping. Not on this day anyway.

A few minutes of walk and I can already see that one bright spot of the day, the yellows gleaming through the trees, and I know this is what I seek and then grinning like a freak I start to run, because I know this will be so much fun and a great day out. So much so it warranted a shout!

Quickly arriving to the parking lot of those two wheelers there stacked on top of each other and it’s just a matter of picking one up, inserting my card, as this is an operation smart and then, after picking the perfect one among many, simply on it I will hop and start riding and maybe never stop!

Now, if you are out there in the streets, just strolling in general or maybe on your way to someone meet. Then watch out for that yellows blur passing you by. It may be dangerous as it may cause you a wide smile. But hey, anything for the laughs right as I am out there, riding my yellow bike.