The Blimp on the ground

“It looks fully blown into shape, like a blimp of sorts, only a grounded one “ Gun Roswell

The Blimp on the ground

It was blown way out of proportions, literally, as the air filled dome pierced the skies. Luckily mimicking the colours of the heavens above, Looking like some sort of a mirage right in the horizon, or at least, in the large field which in it was arising. The blob of a thing, which was soon going to be housing, a large rink of ice, a field for the balls of foot and a fully house of service, with food and drinks to be bought, if this was the type of thing you sought inside a large balloon of a thing, in the middle of the farmers field. At least, for the duration of summer as the heat would melt away all ice and well, playing any kind of games was so much more nice, inside the climate controlled structure. Soon enough, the people and other types would flock inside the blue coloured blimp and the anthems to sing and praise the teams they were rooting for, even if none of them would make one single score. This was simply the way of all those sport types and a few others who found this kind of past time to be fine and so, the bluest of air filled houses would come to life without too much stiffer, as they only needed a few pumps to do the trick and voila; this is what you can now see out there in the old field. A totally landed blue coloured blimp!