Cat of the street

“When traveling the world all kinds of cats you meet and that is so neat!” Gun Roswell 

Cat of the street

A random cat on the streets I once met, who totally set, to greet each and every passerby with a paw laces high-five. Mostly the people thought it was kind of nice but one especially found it to be more than wise of a mere cat in the streets and then with a smile, she asked the cat if he was fine or looking for something more in life. 

The cat then replied:

This greeting and meeting of asl kinds and maybe a reward once on a while, has suited me and been my style for quite the while. But if you would offer me a place with a warm embrace and a tune on the side, and besides, you look kind and I would not decline, but rather go with you and have a life oh so totally fine.

The woman then smiled and opened her arms the cat jumping up totally charmed and then the two of them left for their home, neither of them ever again alone. After all, sometimes, the street life may look glamorous and fine, but a good home is what the wants yearns even of the furry one seeker, even if it was the famous greeter.