Paramount unveils first trailer for second season of Star Trek: Picard — From borg blog

When we last saw Patrick Stewart′s good Captain Jean-Luc Picard, he seemingly died and came back to life as something new.  In the first season of CBS All Access’s latest live-action Star Trek incarnation, Star Trek: Picard, audiences met a primarily new crew of characters supporting the efforts of Picard–and a range of good villains. […]

Paramount unveils first trailer for second season of Star Trek: Picard — borg

Crisscross around the bay

“On a glorious summer’s day, crisscross around the bay“ Gun Roswell 

Crisscross around the bay 

The day sunny and warm, great as a matter of fact just after the storm. The question remained as to what would be the best way to spend it, as time left now was plenty. The calm between the weathers ever changing and really no time for complaining. The only choice really was to rejoice and pump up that feeling of having some fun out there in the warming sun. 

Hitting the beach and finding a small boat so totally sleek. Then jumping right in an d hitting the blue waves, and cruising all day long before the winds once again would get too strong. Crossing the bay and then back again. Like a merry go round only better in so many ways. As it was on the seaside the waters making your smile. And the ride, well that too was quite wild.

In essence the day going fast by as having fun will apparently turn the clocks wind to faster than usual but still, taking a break in the midst of a stormy seasonal shake. Well what could be more greater than crisscrossing around on this small size lake.