Camp NaNoWriMo 2021 – Latest update in I am writing

Gun Roswell

I have been taking part in the Camp NaNoWriMo 2021 exercises during this year where the target or rather the goal is to write at least 50000 words for a book in a period of one month. This can be used as a guideline for not only books, but other types of writing projects such as fan fiction stories and even journals!

Here is more information on how to enter the process. And it’s all free, unless you want to donate a little something here and there: What is Camp NaNoWriMo?

I started with this process last year during the October 2020 Camp. Not that I wasn’t writing before. I was totally so on daily basis! But ever since starting following up on my writing on the site, the Dashboard for my project, I find that my daily word count has gone up exponentially. Writing around 2500 words per day…

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Beach life on a lazy day

“The sand warm, on a lazy day under the sun strong” Gun Roswell 

Beach life on a lazy day

Sunny day on a beach somewhere, without one single worry or a care, feeling lazy and unmoving, but that’s fine, as I wasn’t trying to be fooling anyone or myself, as this day was already promised for the hazy kind of doing without fooling around on this neat place found.

Not working, not thinking, not giving a moment more to anything else, except to looking and listening to the calming waves, hitting gently the sandy seashore, and watching them for long, was never a bore, and definitely no chore at all, only pleasure nonstop as being off the slaving clock for once.

So, spending all day long, even possibly until the very early hours of the next dawn, on this beach of lore, dancing and singing songs, in praise of the time of summer, where the weather is so much warmer that clothing is optional, and none too controversial if wanting to be totally naked.

Or then putting on a string of cloth reminiscent of a cover of sorts, whatever was the best choice as nobody was judging, not today, on the sandy beach, totally out of reach for most, but not those daring adventurers who had found the hidden place and now spending their lazy days, under the shining sun.