Calm sailing

“Sailing across the blue waves of the river blue under the skies of calming blues, until the night hues” Gun Roswell 

Calm sailing

When quickly dashing, over the railing, there is no room for failing, as I am going to be sailing, so very far away.

As today is that very day of totally smooth weather, so I am finally cutting the tether for good and skipping this town, at least for now.

But without any frowns on my face, as this place, was nice for a while, but it lost its smile so moving along, is my feeling strong.

It was fun of course while it lasted, but the time is not to be wasted and all the adventures out there are waiting for me, so without any hesitation I am off.

To the end of the world and beyond I am sailing, no matter the weather as there will be a safe haven, for the storms shaking this boat so small.

Waking my final goodbyes, to all those I knew and maybe loved, but no regrets are in my mind, only the possibilities of whatever new things I can find out there, over the horizon and the stratosphere.