Reaching for the mighty sun

“Everyone and everything wants their moment in the shining sun. Why? Well, to get a nice tan, right?!“ Gun Roswell

Reaching for the mighty sun

All of us, small and tall, want something so totally great, sometimes, and then we don’t hesitate, when the sun’s first rays, hit the planes, we get the urge for them to quickly reach and then run towards the nearest sandy beach.

But if a beach is out of reach, then simply make your way out to the yard and pick a place smart, like close to the shade because once you caught the sun, it won’t that easily fade. But if the yard, is never close by, then try the balcony or some similar setting.

Sit down, try to enjoy the moment despite what is around, maybe the discarded plants from the summers before or other kinds of chores you have tried to ignore. But concentrate on those rays, which have come out to play, finding you, never mind where you are hiding that face which beckons to get some sunny rays.

Ok, so it might happen, that you cannot the outdoors reach in time when the sun shines. Well, instead of feeling unfortunate, maybe simple pick up a sun tanning lamp. Used safely, it can give you some of the same effects that mighty powerful glowing ball outside did. Or not, never mind, stay inside. It’s raining anyway.

Star Wars the Mandalorian – new fanfic released on AO3

Gun Roswell

I have uploaded the latest two stories of fan fiction on Archive of Our Own and of the continued original story line of the adventures of The Mandalorian aka Din Djarin and his adopted son Grogu aka Baby Yoda. This is a completely original story line diverging from the Star Wars canon. Pure fan fiction as it were.

Go check them out here on AO3:
The Mandalorian – An alternate ending CH16 (extended version)
The Mandalorian: The Jedi Academy: Part One
The Mandalorian – An alternate ending CH16 (extended version)
The Mandalorian: The Jedi Academy: Part One

Hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. And yes, the story will continue as this is just the beginning of the fan fiction saga for the Mandalorian and Grogu’s tales 😉

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