Monumental from various times

“The monuments we create to depict the times we live in, hoping only they will last past our time” Gun Roswell

Monumental from various times

The chariots with its galant riders, now a silhouette slashing the darkening night skies

Built as an homage and a reminder of those heroes from our distant past surpassing time

As to whom those were depicted in the shadowy tale of this monumental tale so magnificent? 

Well, that is something the historians may be able to tell you, that of their real significance

As for myself, the looks of it is simply striking and therefore it ended up on my very list of liking

The picture surely telling as trying, to fit into it the past and present without too much yelling

And as to the futuristic round circular thing, which now in the present day someone songs sing?

A wheel of fortune perhaps? Or maybe something more temporary, not really needed to last?

Whatever the purpose of this millennial round circle is, taking a ride on it and enjoying the scenes

Of the city where it now resides, is fine for at least now, and maybe later, if it lasts the passage of time

A few hundred years into our future, then someone might find it as fascinating as the chariot or then, simply comment it being just fine.