Up the palm tree 

“Climbing up a tree can be fun, feeling like a kid again, playing under the sun” Gun Roswell

Up the palm tree 

Summer day quite boring, nothing really great or fun scoring, thinking of something out of this world to do, something totally new.

Then an adventurous thought occurs, as looking up at the tall tree tops, seeing a bunch of coconuts, hanging in mid air.

What if there was a way to get up there, high up to the very top and catch one? That, could be so totally awesome and fun!

So, starting the dangerous climb, slowly but surely, holding on to the scruffy looking things sticking out of the tree.

Making good time while trying the three stump to climb, even if the task seemed quite impossible from below on the ground.

Still, a new sense of self now found, feeling invincible, like a super powered non earth bound kid, climbing faster and faster limb by limb.

Reaching close to the top, with a tad of a huff and puff, as the age is still there even if the mind is in another sphere.

Finally close enough to reach out and grab a hold of the looming price, as nearing the height close to a short size high rise.

But, then, the winds started blowing, faster and harder than ever before, and what seemed like a totally reachable goal, seemed to be ending in a scowl.

While falling back to earth, the last thing on the mind was a curse: Oh gravity, thou art a heartless bitch!