As sweet as can be

“There is nothing wrong with a little sugar in ones life every once in a while, now is there?” Gun Roswell

As sweet as can be

The reds, the blues and all the other hues, no matter which of them you choose, just be careful, not to any of the good parts to lose. When devouring into your hungry mouth, those cherries so plentiful without any kind of doubt. Just eat them and be proud, a little sugar of the good kind in your diet, may just keep your tummy happy and quiet.

Gluttony, some might say, and then on top of that for you pray. But just like the seasonal harvesting of hay, this is pretty much the same, as all those berries in the garden, are there for the taking and even if the neighbours are faking, saying they got the good stuff growing like weed too. 

Well, maybe do them a favour and offer them some, it could be fun, to have someone owe you and then next year, who knows, maybe they will be the lucky ones with a bundle of some berries and other types as ripe as your own are this year. As there is always the fear, of drouth hitting very near affecting the harvest, getting less.

So do eat, do share, and smile as it’s only fair, with the abundance of berries will most certainly make you leer. This is the season to enjoy the fruits of the earth and maybe even a few of them stash away for the winter’s mirth?