The red flower on top of the roof

“There is some kind of a flower on top of that roof over there, which looks kinda cool” Gun Roswell

The red flower on top of the roof

Sitting there quite pretty and aloof, that special kind of flower way up there on the high flying roof
And I guess when you look at it, spending its time in the sun and sometimes even rain it is proof
That nature really does survive, overcoming any kind of dilemmas and then they’ll totally thrive
So, whether to worry about the pretty flowers out there, standing all alone in the heat or storm
Don’t as they will make it just fine at least most of them, and the rest, well leave it to the worms
As they will most likely use those as food or whatever else they might just do with the remains
Still, after the storm clears, it’s all pretty soon enough again, the fields filled with flowers and all
And yeah, that flows up there on the roof? Did it really make it through? All that bad weather?
Yeah, it’s still there, standing ever so tall, and right beside it, a few of the same but in size small!