Seated in a cafe on a Sunday

A small cafe in Paris just around the corner hidden away from prying eyes“
Gun Roswell

Seated in a cafe on a Sunday

Sunday and a cup of coffee, a perfect combination for the brief time allotted
Sneaking away, stealing time from it all just for a few precious moments
As this was supposed to be the one day, which is the day of some time off
Alas, something came up, as it usually does and the chances growing slim
But luckily there is a perfect kind of spot, hidden around the corner just off
The busy streets where the cats sleep, at least on a sunny day on Sunday
Alas not today, as everyone seems to be gone completely somewhere else
As soon as the small cafe coming to view I can see that not even a few or one
Patrons are present so I guess it is only for me myself and I so seating down
My frown turning upside down, yes it is a smile which away has been a while
But not today as now I can here alone with my thoughts for a moment stay
In this pleasurable place on this fine Sunday afternoon on a seat in a cafe